Past Event: #METOO

Please join us for the first Dialogue and Difference event of the semester!  

Past Event: Hope

Please join us for our final Dialogue and Difference event of the semester.

Past Event: Climate Change 

Please join us at Merton Hall room 1201 on Wednesday 4/26 at 5pm for a dialogue on climate change in cooperation with Sustainable Mason. Facilitation training will begin an hour before the event (4pm). Check out Sustainable Mason’s web page at:

Past Event: Justice

Please join us April 11th at Research Hall 163 for our third and final dialogue of the spring semester!

Past Event: Inclusion, Refugees and Immigration

Please join us at Research Hall 163 tonight for a dialogue on Inclusion: Refugees and Immigration. The following videos will be shown followed by facilitated discussion. Thank you to everyone who attended!

The Oft-Unused Tool in Conflict Resolution

When you are president of an organization, you are required to resolve conflict daily. Over forty people, all in one organization, and all with different visions make for a contentious concoction. Tensions rise, faces redden, voices raise… then, you have a yelling match spiraling out of control. I chime in with a light-hearted comment. Not…

Calling for Creative Representations for Next Dialogue:

We are looking for students who are interested in participating in an open mic for the next dialogue: Does Government Represent Us? The event will precede  with public expressions from participants who would like to share a poem, song, rap, video, speech, or open letter with the audience.  Subjects could include political agency, bi-partisanship, voting rights,…