Fall 2019 Interns


Yujin Kim is from South Korea  and transferred from George Mason University Korea. She is an undergraduate student currently majoring in Conflict Resolution Analysis and minoring in Global Affairs at the George Mason University. She has great interest in historical traumas and how it can be on-going conflict to the current generation. In the future, she wishes to lead dialogue sessions with young generations who are suffering from historical traumas and also with the North Korean defectors.





Omer Yousuf is a Conflict Analysis and Resolution major with a concentration in Building Peace in Divided Societies. A strong area of interest for him is community development in the United State and South Africa.





Amadu Koroma is a Conflict Analysis and Resolution major, concentration in Building Peace in Divided Societies at George Mason University. He has first-hand knowledge of the civil war that took place in his country, Sierra Leone. His interest in conflict studies and resolution emerged from his experience of the civil war in Sierra Leone (1991-2000), and his life as a refugee under the protection of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).



Dorian Degrandez is a Conflict Analysis and Resolution major at George Mason University with a minor in Musical Technology. His biggest area of interest is working with the youth and engaging divided people in dialogue. On the side, he enjoys writing music and bringing people together.