Fall 2018 Interns



Seong Jae Shin is a South Korean national who was raised in the Middle Eastern region. He is an undergraduate student currently majoring in Conflict Resolution Analysis and minoring in Global Affairs at the George Mason University. Although he was born in the Republic of Korea, he was educated in Egypt and in Kuwait with an American education system. He has some rare experiences of physically attending Arab Spring in Egypt and the protest against the former South Korean president. Through these events, he realized that conflicts can be caused by cultural differences. As a result, he became interested in informing people about the cultural differences and began researching about the adoption of Western standards in the non-Western countries. After completion of undergraduate school, he wants to continue his education at a graduate school that offers the field of International Security.





Byron Swan is a Conflict Analysis and Resolution major minoring in Intelligence Analysis with a concentration in Global Engagement. He is a U.S. Army veteran originally from Southern California. He is extremely excited to be a part of the Dialogue and Difference Project and looking forward to pursuing inquiry and understanding with everyone.




Amadu Koroma is a Conflict Analysis and Resolution major, concentration in Building Peace in Divided Societies at George Mason University. He has first-hand knowledge of the civil war that took place in his country, Sierra Leone. His interest in conflict studies and resolution emerged from his experience of the civil war in Sierra Leone (1991-2000), and his life as a refugee under the protection of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).





Dorian Degrandez is a Conflict Analysis and Resolution major at George Mason University with a minor in Musical Technology. His biggest area of interest is working with the youth and engaging divided people in dialogue. On the side, he enjoys writing music and bringing people together.