Summer 2020 Events

The Dialogue & Difference program welcomes our new team of interns for the summer 2020 semester! While face to face dialogues may not be an option right now, we are exploring many different options so that we may continue to engage with one another. We are open to any and all recommendations so please feel free to use our “Contact us” tab to share ideas. In the meantime, we are hosting a showcase for any George Mason University affiliates to display an interest, hobby, or some kind words through video submissions. Additional details can be found on the flyer below and on our homepage. We look forward to one day meeting again!

Spring Event postponed – Denuclearization Now: What’s at Stake and What Can You Do?

Nucular Disarmamently Dialouge (4)

Past Event:

Memory, Mourning, & Social Repair

Memory, Mourning, & Social Repair Dialogue

Past Event:

Retributive/Restorative Justice

RetributiveRestorative Justice Dialgoue Event-page-001

Past Event: Sustainable Development


Past Event: Human Rights


Past Event: Politics & Justice

Politics and Justice

Elections & Voting Dialogue(2)

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