Daniel Morgan Intermediate School

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On March 3rd of 2020, the Dialogue & Difference team conducted a dialogue for the Daniel Morgan Intermediate School in Winchester, Virginia. The dialogue consisted of both teachers and students with small group facilitation exercises and larger group debrief sessions emphasizing the importance of community. One of our interns, Byron Phillips, provided insight to his perspective as a facilitator:

“The opportunity to work with Daniel Morgan Intermediate, was such a positive experience for me as a conflict resolution practitioner and student. I gained a lot of real world facilitating and conflict resolution. I enjoyed being able to facilitate a healthy discussion centered around specific problems that educators face on a daily basis. The ability to create an atmosphere where both educators and myself, felt comfortable in having a healthy dialogue, was a monumental experience for me as a young practitioner. This experience has propelled me to want to continue this work in the local communities that I am apart of within the local D.C. region.”

In the future, we hope to continue working with schools in the area to expand our conflict resolution practices but also to show the power that lies within the art of dialogue!


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