Remaz Abdelgader, Dialogue Panelist


Meet Remaz Abdelgader: one of George Mason University’s most active and inspirational student activists and a panelist for the Dialogue and Difference Project’s upcoming event “Islamophobia: Targeted Identities.”  Remaz is a senior at GMU pursuing her bachelors degree in International Conflict Analysis and Resolution. She is also attaining a double minor in Immigration studies and Pre-Law. She has held several positions as an intern and staff at immigration law firms located in Washington, DC.

Remaz’s family moved to Virginia from Khartoum, Sudan in 2001.  Since coming to GMU, she has been actively participating in several organizations including the Tau Sigma Honor Society, Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, an ambassador for the African Women Cancer Awareness Association, a volunteer for Advocates for Survivors of Torture and Trauma, and currently serving as Founder and President of the Coalition for the Empowerment of Female Leaders. Remaz would like to become a Human Rights lawyer in her future and work to lessen islamophobia and generate equality for all people in the United States.  Separate from her academia, Remaz volunteers for Senator Bernie Sander’s presidential campaign working to engage community members on issues of islamophobia and what they can do in their communities to curb discrimination and create conversations of their own.


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