Meet Nathan Lean, Panelist for “Islamophobia: Forgotten Identities”

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Nathan Lean will be joining the Dialogue and Difference Project on Tuesday, February 16th for a dialogue about the manifestations of Islamophobia in the world and its affects on Muslim identities.  Lean is from North Carolina and received his education from East Carolina University and later Georgetown University.  Lean has a Masters Degree in International Studies with a Middle East concentration and a Masters in Arab Studies. Lean has had diplomacy experience in the United States State Department and is an active member in several organizations including the American Academy of Religion, the Middle East Studies Association, and Alternative Perspectives and Global Concerns. 

Lean is currently an author and researcher on subjects pertaining to Islam, the Middle East, Islamophobia internationally and within the United States, and Muslim-Christian issues.  He has published several books including the award-winning The Islamophobia Industry.  This book exposes how a powerful network of US leadership has used rhetoric and scare tactics to sustain the fear of Islam. Through calculated design, Lean reveals the inner workings of the Islamophobia Industry and how it has been manufactured to sustain prejudice, and dangerous portrayals of Muslim identity.

Lean is also the co-author of Iran, Israel and the United States (2010), co-editor of The Moral Psychology of Terrorism (2013), and The Changing Middle East: Power and Politics in an Age of Revolution (2014).


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