The Power of Words and Images

There is truth to the saying that a picture is a thousand words. Satire and cartoons have been a method of criticizing real problems in our society. This does not come without a cost as these individuals come under fire from governments all over the world. No better example shows a current event as the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Words and images can be used to stir up deep emotions, major injustices, and rally together a whole society. They can be seen as symbols which represent what we want to change in ourselves and the state we live in.

Join us for a dialogue involving different images and words and discussing what they invoke, from the good to the bad. We will have several knowledgeable professionals in this area among our midst as well.
It is sure to be a diverse and exhilirating dialogue that will have you come away with new perspectives!

Refreshments will be served. This is open to all.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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